Eye-Catching Ankle Bracelets & Custom Charms

Believe in yourself.  Inspire Others.  Fun & Funky Ankle Bracelets for Kids

Add some flair to your child’s outfit with ankle bracelets and custom charms from our fashion accessory line. ANKYZ is a brand-new company that is making adorable ankle bracelets for kids of all ages. These stylish accessories are made with a flexible fabric that allows for hip and fun designs while remaining easy to wear. You are sure to love the hip designs of these great accessories.

Made for both girls and boys, our limited edition ankle bracelets come in a variety of different colors and designs that your son or daughter is sure to love. Our ankle bracelets are made from Lycra and nylon and can be taken anywhere, even into the pool. Our popular designs include our tie dye ankle bracelets, our signature believe/inspire charm, and our peace sign design, which features a colorful combination of purple, pink, blue, yellow and blue with our popular believe and inspire motto.

Other popular designs include our funky colored retro, snakeskin, and blue moon ankle bracelet designs. These designs come in such great colors as white, green, purple, blue and fluorescent orange and feature our inspiring charms.

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